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Details of Lot 301
Generalfeldmarschall Wolfram Frieherr von Richthofen ,( 1895 - 1945 ) Luftwaffe :

A historically important WWII document , the personal album of the Commander of the Condor Legion , 8th Air Corps , Luftflotte 2 & 4 ., entitled ' Rusland 1941 :Kronstadt - Wladma - Kalinin ' . Containing numerous previously unseen monchrome photographs (some press photographs as take by Karl Bayer )of Operation Barbarossa to include Aeroplanes , bombs , bomb destruction , various prisoners , supplies , plane damage , Albert Kesselring , Gen. Werner Kempf ,Major Weiss , Erhard Milch , Gen D Fliger Foerster , Generalmajor Siber , tanks , field guns , armoured vehicles , soldiers, Country Houses , Richthofen in his plane doing reconnaissance , at play.

German Aristocracy by birth , Wolfram began his flying career in his cousin Baron Manfred Von Richthofen's ' Jagdgeschwader 1 ' ( Fighter Wing 1 ) during the First World War . Manfred , the ' Red Baron ' was shot down and killed defending Wolfram , unaware that he too was being tailed . Wolfram began to train as an Aeronautical Engineer between the wars , before rejoining the German Air Force ( now entitled Luftwaffe ) in the Technical Service under his former Commanding Officer Hermann Goring . He spent the next few years testing experimental aircraft . In November 1946 , Manfred left the Technical Service dept to take Field Command of the Condor Legion , travelling to support Franco's Nationalists in Spain . He took with him the Junkers Ju87 ' Stuka ' dive - bomber aircraft which he had helped develop at the Lufwaffe Technical Service , he is reputed to have invented the 'Jericho Trumpet' siren fitted to the undercarriage of the Ju87, made by Stuka's. During World War II he fought extensively , commanding his own Air Corps in Poland , France , Holland and Belgium and throughout the Battle of Britain , the Balkans Campaign , Operation Barbarossa and throughout Russia , succumbing to a brain tumour in July 1945 .
2-Day Antiques & Collectables 3rd & 4th Nov.
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4 November 2017
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