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Details of Lot 302
Generalfeldmarschall Wolfram Frieherr von Richthofen ,( 1895 - 1945 ) Luftwaffe :

A historically important WWII document , the personal album of the Commander of the Condor Legion , 8th Air Corps , Luftflotte 2 & 4 ., entitled '
Rusland Winter 1941 / 42 ' . Containing numerous previously unseen monochrome photographs (some press photographs as take by Karl Bayer )of Operation Barbarossa to include aeroplanes , bombs , bomb destruction , Junkers in action , Field Gun Artillery , Croatian Pilots Briefing , Christmas , oil supplies ,, Storch ( his personal plane , inspections ,Troop transport in the snow Action at Dugino , various notable Generals and major generals etc. , probably photographs of his own dog , Smolensk ,Greeting staff after promotion from Hitler to Colonel General , field plans handed over to his successor General Von Greim ( the last ever Fieldmarschall ) , personal photographs of his daughter and his two dogs on a 6 day holiday, Etc.

Hitler made the mistake of thinking that the German Army would overrun the Russians before the winter of 1941-42 and therefore had no provision for winter clothes or food
2-Day Antiques & Collectables 3rd & 4th Nov.
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4 November 2017
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